The Yummy Soap by MBK Creations

Salt Scrubs

Our salt body scrubs give you great exfoliation of tough and worn areas.  Feet, knees, hands, elbows, and other areas that tend to get a lot of use need a good exfoliation periodically to thoroughly clean off layers of ground in dirt, oil, and dead skin cells.  

Our salt scrubs are made "dry" meaning they are not heavy with oil.  Each jar has just enough coconut oil to soften and clean without leaving you and your tub greasy.  Simply put a small amount of the salt scrub into your hand and work into the area that needs a deep cleaning.  Follow with one of our skin-loving bars of goat milk soap. 

 This scrub also makes a great facial scrub.  Gently massage into hands and over face while avoiding eye area.  

Salt scrubs available in a variety of scents. 

Sugar Scrubs

Our sugar body scrubs are great for a deep all over clean.  We recommend this type of cleaning once a month.

Each jar of sugar scrub is a fantastic combination of different sugars, coconut oil, castor oil, and olive oil.  A heaping teaspoon full will leave your skin clean, glowing and soft.   Best way to scrub with a sugar scrub:  put a heaping teaspoon full in your hands.  Disperse into both hands, rub down each leg and arm once to spread the scrub onto your body.  Return to each limb and massage with the scrub until clean.  Continue to rest of body.  Rinse.  Follow with a bar of our goat milk soap.

Sugar scrubs are available in two scents:  Sweet Tea with Lemon and Spiced Latte

Body Butters

 Our body butters are made with oils and butters that are essential for healthy skin:  coconut oil, vitamin E, and shea butter.

Swirl in 100% pure essential oils and a little beeswax, and you have a skin-nourishing butter.  A little goes a long way.  Great for all over right after you get out of the shower, or for dry and worn areas that need a little extra moisturizing.  

Body Butters available in a variety of scents.   

Dead Sea Mud Mask

100% pure Dead Sea Mud from Israel is known for its minerals and its ability to dry toxins out of the skin.  Simply massage on a thin layer of this mineral-rich Dead Sea Mud to your face and allow to fully dry.  Thoroughly rinse with warm water and pat dry.  Avoid eye areas.  


Linen Sprays

Purge the linen sprays with chemicals and fragrance oils!  Our linen sprays contain only 100% pure essential oils.  Pull back your sheets and lightly mist your bed linens with our lavender spray to help your mind relax and your body to enjoy a more restful sleep.  Linen sprays are also a great way of giving little bursts of wonderful scent to throw pillows, curtains, rugs, and fabrics throughout your home.  

Always test in an inconspicuous spot!

Available in a variety of scents. 

Soap Pockets

Soap pockets are an ingenious way to carry our fabulous goat milk soap and a washcloth in one!  Each pocket is made of 100% organic quilted cotton and stuffed full of grated goat milk soap.  Why grated?  To give the pocket the flexibility it needs to clean jawlines, around the nose, in-between toes, and around elbows with having to use the corner of the bar!  

It makes a great facial scrubby or a soap and washcloth combo for traveling.  

Available in a variety of scents.